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Julio Ricardo Varela

MSNBC Columnist

Julio Ricardo Varela is the founder of Latino Rebels and an award-winning journalist.

Julio Ricardo Varela is the founder of Latino Rebels and an award-winning journalist.

Latest from Julio Ricardo Varela

2d ago

The racism in this blue state can be illustrated with one infuriating statistic

Even though Latinos account for 20% of children in Massachusetts, they represent 34% of children in foster care, The Boston Globe reports.
17d ago

The GOP doesn’t want you to know the true number of undocumented immigrants

A Pew Research Center report challenges the GOP's go-to talking points about undocumented immigrants.
23d ago

Trump’s deranged pitch to Latino voters: Some of you are better than others

Trump’s Noticias Univision interview seemed to confirm he’s pitting Latino voters against each other using existing divisions within the Latino community.
47d ago

Biden’s new Venezuela deal is a big win — and a big repudiation of Trump

U.S. will reportedly ease some oil sanctions against Venezuela on the condition that Nicolás Maduro ensures freer, internationally monitored elections in 2024.
55d ago

There's no excusing Joe Biden deciding to add to Donald Trump's border wall

Despite vowing to be the opposite of Trump on immigration, Biden has been a lot more like his predecessor than he and his Democratic supporters want to admit.
66d ago

The future of Latinidad in the U.S. is English

Being Latino is about so much more than speaking Spanish. Gatekeeping Latinidad is detrimental to many U.S. Latinos who struggle with the language.
85d ago

The forward-looking Mexico that Republicans dare not talk about

As Republicans disparage Mexico and talk of invasion, the country is moving ahead of the U.S. in terms of women's rights and political advancement.
96d ago

Why was Miami Mayor Francis Suarez ever in the race for president?

A mayor who won fewer than 44,000 total votes in two elections had no business ever running for president.
107d ago

‘Blue Beetle’ is the superhero movie that Latinos have been waiting for

“Blue Beetle,” the new summer blockbuster from the DC franchise starring Xolo Maridueña is a big moment for Latino representation in Hollywood.
113d ago

Latino Republicans voting to defund a national Latino museum feels like betrayal

Co-chairs of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus voted to defund the National Museum of the American Latino after criticizing an exhibit they say leans left.
158d ago

Ron DeSantis threatens worse border policies than Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis' “No Excuses” plan for the Mexican border suggests Donald Trump wasn't sufficiently harsh in carrying out his anti-immigration plan.